Insurance and Coronavirus - ADED Partner PSA Insurance and Financial Services

Many questions have popped up in regard to insurance coverage during the COVID 19 Pandemic.  This webinar touches on the most common questions the insurance world is hearing with some high-level responses and answers.  This webinar will also address what you can do to help control expenses from an insurance standpoint.

1. Understanding Insurance Coverage
 2. What exposures are Involved
 3. How to control your expenses and how to mitigate Insurance Expenses


Patrick DeNobrega

Vice President, Account Executive

Patrick DeNobrega specializes in property and casualty insurance.  He was instrumental in designing and managing various Property & Casualty Insurance Buying Program for the Mobility Industry.  His expertise was used to develop a program that protects the unique interests of the mobility industry while meeting the specific needs of the dealer.

Patrick has nearly 20 years of experience in the Commercial Insurance Industry and has become the largest broker of Mobility Based Risks in the country.

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