Clients will appreciate VMI’s practical yet innovative features. Why? Because our vans are built to meet the needs of end users. We start by listening to our customers, and just as importantly, we continue listening to those who have mutual interests in serving their needs. That’s where professionals like YOU make a difference in the innovations that are conceptualized, designed and made into reality at VMI.

VMI has been building accessible vehicles for over 30 years, and by listening to input and feedback from driver rehabilitation specialists, we’re able to solve for the challenges that customers face as they strive to regain their mobility independence. 

For example, one of our proudest achievements came about as a result of what we heard from driver evaluators and customers—the Interchangeable Front Seats. This feature allows wheelchair users to drive from their chair and share driving responsibilities without having to transport an extra seat.
Another exclusive VMI feature is the Access360®. VMI has perfected the large interior space in several of its most popular converted vehicles to allow easier maneuverability, more headroom and interior space. VMI’s Access360 enables wheelchair users to easily enter and exit the vehicle.
Many features like these are exclusively available from VMI. The following product information and videos share the unique features and benefits that are designed to deliver on our number one mission: to never forget the challenges that our customers face. We thank ADED and its members for collaborating with us to provide our mutual customers with products that enable greater mobility independence.

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